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Our first piece of Viagra advice: restrict Viagra usage to 100 mg per day! Otherwise, you might be stuck with a creepy perma-smile like this guy here as well as a creepy perma-something else that we couldn’t show for legal reasons.

So you are new Viagra user, looking for Viagra advice from the Viagra experts on how to take Viagra. How does this magical thing called Viagra work, oh, Viagra guru…

Whatever… Taking Viagra is pretty damn easy. See the doctor, get a Viagra prescription, read the little Viagra prescription information sheet inside and follow your doctor’s instructions. Or see vigrx plus alert and see what there up to. Lot of options out there.

The Viagra advice listed here is for people that want their Viagra experience like their pizza: fast and customized to their individual tastes.

If this sounds like you, take a look at our answers to Viagra questions sent in by Viagra users like yourself.

Current Viagra Questions:

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