What are the advantages of Bathmate

There are several advantages using bathmate instead of other methods of penis enlargement. Your penis will get bigger faster, and there is no surgery required. Genitalias and sharp objects have NOTHING to do in the same setting! You don’t have to wear an uncomfortable device in your pants for 4 – 6 hours. It is discrete and easy to use.

The bathmate can also help you overcome erectile dysfunction. It pumps the blood in to your penis, and you get harder erections. After using it a couple of times, you might have those rock hard boners that are hard to get down again, just like you wore a teenager again.

You don’t take any pills with unknown substances. In sports you keep hearing about the female athletes taking drugs causing their clitoris growing to a little penis, and the mustache growing like a carpet. What can such chemicals do to your body? Even approved Viagra could do damage to you if it’s used improperly or if you have a hidden potential heart failure.

There are several methods of penile-extension on the market, but I doubt there is anything as comfortable as bathmate. You use it 3 to 7 times a week at a 15 minutes interval. You can use it in the shower or in the bathtub, whatever that suites you.

It will directly give you more self-esteem, and you will no longer be embarrassed to go in the wardrobe after working out in the gym or visiting the swimming pool. You can now walk around feeling like a man!